Switch on UnFOMO and we’ll continually search the market to find you products cheaper than the ones you currently have.

Always on comparison, 24-7!

Our little robot – Mia, runs day and night searching the market on your behalf. It’s a completely personalised service.

Beat the price you currently pay

Only receive notifications when we’ve found something cheaper

The service is operated exclusively by monmia™ and is independent from providers so we’re not looking for you to change product. Only if it saves you money.

Increase your financial wellbeing and mScore™

Making smart finance choice ultimately increases your mScore™ and financial well being.

Take the stress away from shopping around

Knowing when to review your finances and when to look for new products is hard work. But with UnMOMO it doesn’t have to be.

No more annual reminders!

You shouldn’t just look to switch-and-save once a year, you should do it all the time and with our automated service, now you can!