What is WAMC?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew your chances of getting a deal before applying? Well, with monmia™, now you can. We show your chances of getting a deal before you share your data.

Know your chances of getting a deal before you apply

Our smart tech is able to calculate your chances of getting the deal you saw advertised. Beat the advertisers and only share your personal data with brands who are willing to offer you what they advertised!

Feel great knowing you’ll get the deal you saw

Nobody likes feeling rejected or being told ‘look what you could have had’. Make smart choices and only apply for products you have a chance of getting.

Protect your data

‘Teaser rates’ are designed to capture your personal data then upsell you to a more expensive product. We don’t think this is fair and our WAMC™ products puts you back in control. We suggest only sharing your personal details with products you have a 70% chance or higher

Increase your credit score

Did you know that if you apply for a product and don’t take it out, it can negatively impact your credit and social score (the scores most brands now use to decide who gets the best rates and who doesn’t). Avoid applying for a product you’re most likely to be declined for and you’ll find your credit score increases. Next time round, this will help you access better rates.