Steps to apply for a mortgage

1. Find out

If you are looking for a mortgage, it is worth spending some time searching for information. Is a fixed or variable mortgage better for you? What expenses are associated with a mortgage? What kind of clauses could be considered abusive? And, above all, taking into account your debt ratio (that is, your credit report), what kind of interest could you get? If you do not know your personal debt ratio, calculate it here.

2. Compare

Enter the amount you need and the return period in the online comparator to know the fee that you would have to pay each month with a bank or another. Read carefully the conditions of each entity. They may have associated conditions, such as hiring home insurance or direct debit. Keep these factors in mind before making your decision.

3. Choose

Choose the mortgage that best suits your interests. Simply click on the bank that offers you the best conditions to go to your website and continue the process. Now you just have to start enjoying the home of your dreams!

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