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  • If you are looking for financing and want to know which company offers the best conditions, you are in the right place. In monmia we compare loans, microcredits and mortgages from different banks and financial online.

    I need urgent financing what do I do?

    Don’t worry, almost everyone has gone through some time to say “I need financing urgently.” It may be that you are looking for a loan for your car. Or maybe you have a work to do at home and that insurance does not cover you. Sometimes we simply need some more liquidity to make ends meet.

    Whatever your case, do not despair. Luckily in the market, there are financing products for all kinds of needs.

    You can do two things:

    1. Search online for lenders and financiers and fill out the form in each of them and wait for one to answer.
    2. You can use the comparator loan monmia. You fill out your form once, and we only show you the lenders that would grant you the money. And we also show you the possibility of approval in each case.


    How to find urgent financing at the best price

    Whether you’re looking for a loan for your car, a 100% financing mortgage or a study loan, compare financing options. Do not get carried away by the flashy offers of banks and other providers and try to always compare them in the same conditions. Most of them are able to provide urgent financing. You can have the money in your account in a matter of minutes thanks to the many online personal loans that exist in the market.

    The easiest way to do this is to use the monmia search engine. Enter the amount you are looking for, when you want to return it and some more fields and you will see the offers most adapted to your profile. We will not show you financial companies that do not adapt to your needs.

    And if you are interested in any of the offers you see, you can see how likely they are to accept the financing you want. How? Based on the requirements of the supplier and the data you have entered, we calculate your “probability of granting”. It’s almost like having several preapproved loans at your disposal.

    Be that as it may, the most important thing is to understand well the financing product we are hiring and act as informed consumers. Do not get carried away by the advertising of lenders and financiers. Compare numbers transparently: TIN, APR and commissions on your loan.

    Where to finance a cheaper car? And a trip?

    Not all personal loans are the same. Depending on whether you are looking for a loan for your new car, a university loan or even a motorcycle loan, you will need different amounts and repayment terms.

    There are non-bank financiers specialized in loans that do not care if the client is on delinquent listings, for example. This is usually the case of second-hand car companies that do not care if the customer is in ASNEF. Other providers, banks in this case, show special offers for mortgages at 100% financing. And other financial companies, meanwhile, are specialized in microcredit: amounts of up to € 500 normally and often offer interest-free financing. Especially if it’s new customers.

    In summary, there are all kinds of financial specialists specialized in offering financing depending on what the money is needed for, the amount or type of loan guarantee. For this reason, it is very important to always compare the different options at our disposal and choose what really suits our interests.

    How to compare loans

    The task of searching and comparing loans until choosing the one that best suits what we are looking for can be tedious. That’s why in monmia we show you the conditions of different suppliers and financial companies online. So you can compare prices and conditions.

    Don’t let the thought of “I need urgent financing” make you decide on something that doesn’t really suit you. Act intelligently. Find out, compare and choose only what really suits you.

    Why use the monmia search engine?

    In monmia we are independent. We do not care which financial or bank you choose, and of course using the search engine or loan calculator will not cost you. In addition, in monmia, unlike other sites, we treat your data securely. We are aware that the importance and confidentiality related to financial information, and therefore we do not sell your personal data.

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